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The randomizer App for iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Let the randomfactor give you guidance.

Randomly divide participants into teams or challange your friends on a dice roll.

Ever had trouble making a decision? Just roll the dice and let the numbers make it for you.

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Free Instant Messaging

Exchange instant messages with friends or coworkers whenever and wherever you are.

Private messages, group chats, workgroup chats, and global chatrooms.

Global drop-in chatrooms supporting up to 100 participants.

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Who i am, and what i do.

I studied Software Engineering at Uppsala University in Sweden.

I now live in Thailand and work full time as a web developer.
Apart from webdesign and developing web applications I also work on developing mobile applications.

I also love designing, and styling user interfaces, and working with UX.

Prior do being a programmer, I spent a lot of my free time working with 3D Graphics.
Including handpainting textures, including Ambient Occlusion and Specular maps, custom mapping, rigging and animation with low poly meshes.

Tho I mostly focused on studio renders, which I found to be most fun, where I designed my own blueprints for high poly objects, designed custom materials and textures, lightning, and my own studio setup for rendering.
I used 3dsMax for modelling and Vray for the studio renders.

In addition to working with graphics on my free time I also studied Graphics for half a year att two different Universities in Sweden.

Linnéuniversitetet and Högskolan på Gotland.

Some of the Languages, Frameworks, and Libraries i use.

PHP with Laravel or Wordpress


Here are some of the projects i've worked with.


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